The Dog we all love

Not that this event was unusual, but is something worth writing about.

There we were, walking back and forth the road which was right in front of our house. The 4 of us went for walking last night after dinner. The weather was pleasant; neither too hot nor too cold.

I, unlike the weather, was a bit irritated.

There is a family of 5 street dogs that are in charge of the area we live in. We would feed the dogs with the remaining bones from whenever we eat chicken (that is, about twice a week). The family of dogs became our friends. They would come to us whenever they see us, then they would sit right in front of our gate, indicating that they were hungry. One of them (the youngest one) was walking along with us. He was a bit shy, but he understood most of the stuff we say.

He seemed to have a small injury on the rear-right leg.

He would walk ahead of us, then stop to scratch or lick himself, then the moment he sees that we are overtaking him, he would run all the way ahead of us again, and keep repeating the same thing over and over again. Whenever he ran ahead of us, he would go from right under my hand, wanting me to pet him. Whenever we walk past our house, he would sit in front of our gate, thinking that any one of us will go inside and get him something to eat.

Even though he had an injury on his leg, he ran around happily; not thinking about the pain, but thinking of how he would run past us, play with us, eat something tasty and have others pet him. Thinking of that made me feel happy. As a reward, I pet him in the way he likes.

He gave me the lesson to not to think about the things I don’t like, but to think about the things I love.