About Me!

Hello there!


My name is Vishnu Priya Soma and I’m the youngest author of India. Originally, I belong to Telangana, (the newly born state of our country), but I live in New Delhi. I wrote the book “A Forest Adventure- Bugs’ Life series” (my debut book) when I was 11 years old. I was born in India to creative parents and I am passionate about reading, writing, painting & I really ❤ travelling around the world!


I like reading adventures & mysteries (such as Sherlock Holmes and Tintin) to be inspired for my characters.

The most important part of my journey is that I worked very hard yet enjoyed it completely balancing my school & my passion. I’m a young genius who is on the verge of finishing the third book in the same series.

While I take English as my favourite subject, these days I see myself primarily as a writer.I’m always looking at & getting inspired by my surroundings, especially the tiniest creatures, which play a very important role in our daily lives as well as our ecosystem. Thinking like them was quite a challenge but an enjoyable one. Being in their world, and constantly trying to find the perfect balance between the real & virtual was quite a roller coaster ride, I must admit. To think and feel like them improves your sensitive side towards the nature which is very important for the very existence of our world today.


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