25 Indisputable Reasons to Own a Dog

Are you the kind of person who watches videos of puppies in a state of utter delight, with a huge grin on your face and the immediate strong desire to hug them? Then you’re clearly one of those fortunate people who utterly loves dogs.

But if you’re one of those people who has yet to fully appreciate just how wonderful these animals are, here are 25 reasons which we think will convince you.

It’s always fun to play with your dog

Just look at how they get down the stairs

And how easily they get back up!

You never know what’s really going on in their minds

They’ll gladly guard your house day and night

And teach your baby to crawl

They’ll wait impatiently for your little one’s to grow up so they can start having fun together

Dogs don’t need anyone else to enjoy themselves

They can keep themselves amused for hours!

In fact, they can put on an entire show

Dogs are grateful for even the simplest things

Especially if these happen in the bathroom

Sometimes, all it takes is an egg to make your day

Or even better, a trampoline!

Or just a mirror…

Dogs have incredible patience

And know how to help others

They can even put up with your cat

Dogs are literally always happy to see you

And they always miss you when you leave

They have so much love to give

They value friendship like no other pet

They understand how you feel even better than people

Dogs will be with you when you need them most

If you love your dog as much as it deserves, it will be your best friend for life

Source: Bright Side


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