WhatsApp might soon allow users to revoke and edit sent messages

WhatsApp will soon allow users to revoke and edit messages which they have sent, according to leaks.



WhatsApp has been adding a slew of new features to the service for all of 2016, and it looks like more changes are coming. According to leaks put out by Twitter account WABetaInfo, which is known for its accuracy on WhatsApp’s upcoming features, the service will soon let users revoke and edit messages which they have sent.

The Twitter account put out a video which shows how the messages can be revoked in the iOS version of instant-messaging app. According to the leak, WhatsApp beta for iOS is where this ability has been spotted; apparently users can revoke a message even after it has been read by the recipient. This revoke feature also extends to group chat messages.

However, it is not clear if this feature will make its way to the regular user build soon, or if it will take some time. Usually WhatsApp’s takes a while before it rolls out new features to all users.

Additionally WhatsApp is also working on the ability to edit messages. WABetaInfo says, “WhatsApp had added in beta the possibility to edit messages that you already sent, and it is actually disabled by default and it’s under development.

WhatsApp is also working on a new way to show ‘Status’, which could soon be made private. Users will also be able to view just how many of their friends saw their Status update, and will also be able to delete these status updates.  It was reported earlier that WhatsApp is working on making these Status Updates feel a lot more like how Snapchat’s Stories work. On Snapchat, the Stories disappear in 24 hours, and you can also see which of your friends viewed your story.

WhatsApp recently added the video-calling feature to its app, and it was a long-awaited feature. With over one billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the world’s biggest instant messaging app, with its closest rival being Facebook Messenger in terms of user base. But it helps that Facebook owns both the apps. WhatsApp has over 160 million users in India alone, and is one of the most popular apps in the country.

With leaks indicating a revoke and an edit feature in the works, it could mean that should you send a WhatsApp message to the wrong person, you will at least be able to fix that mistake. We’ll have to wait and see how soon WhatsApp launches this feature for all.

Source: The Indian Express


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