Felt Seahorse Stuffies

Felt Seahorse

Today we are adding to our growing collection of felt animal stuffies with these heart-melting felt seahorses. Our felt animal stuffies are our favorite hand stitching projects, and we know that they are great for kids and adults alike! These felt seahorse stuffies are especially beautiful because they are covered in pretty seed beads and faux pearls to resemble the natural texture of the animal. Time to get started!

Just as with our other felt stuffies, you will need wool felt, poly-fill and embroidery floss for each seahorse. You should be able to find each of the materials at your local craft store or fabric shop. We chose a bright coral and minty seafoam for our felt seahorse set, but these cuties would look adorable in any color.

Start by sewing on the button eyes and then move on to adding the embellishments with a needle and some coordinating embroidery floss. Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below as you craft your felt seahorse set!

Felt SeahorseFelt SeahorseFelt Seahorse


Source: Lia Griffith


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