BooksOye- Recycle & Make Money


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Join the book drive and Reuse, Reduce, Recycle- or rather- Buy, Sell and Donate

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Why BooksOye?

Traditionally we respect books and treat them like gods. But unfortunately, over the period of time we have seen how books are used in India changed, from the day they are bought to the day they are sold to raddiwala (rag picker) on kilograms scale for meagre amount of money and used for paper bags & plates at the street food like samosas / peanuts. What a criminal wastage!!

In school, most of the times you don’t even get the complete set of books for the entire year. You must’ve visited the bookstore hundred times and end up borrowing those books from friends for the rest of the year. The worst part is for every new session the same book is reprinted and sold to the students for the full cost; resulting in cutting those extra trees, creating extra pollution and so on so forth..

Books are forever. You can keep the knowledge passing to more and more people without reprinting by recycling books. By which you are saving so much as in money-wise , environment-wise more importantly helping millions of children who are deprived of education because of un-affordability of books/schools.

Just imagine once after you are through with those set of books, may it be text books, novels, story books, comics, literature, etc. If that is enlightening many more and showing the light for a better tomorrow is an amazing feeling besides making that extra money by selling them.

That’s why we at BooksOye believe that everyone should get an opportunity to do their bit for the society and make a difference in their own way. This is the right platform for every individual to post those books you want to sell or look for the the ones you want to buy without spending lot of money.
So guys, let’s join hands & manifest the better & greener tomorrow we seek!!! 🙂


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