15 Interesting Facts You Did (Not) Know About Books


You love to read? You’ve been in publishing business for a while now? Even so, there are probably some things you didn’t know. We collected some interesting facts about books, e-books and publishing in general.

  1. Seventeen of the top 100 Kindle books in 2012 were self-published. This number gets higher each year.
  2. It is predicted that within three years, 75% of books will be sold online and only 25% in brick and mortar bookstores.
  3. The first printed books didn’t have the name of the author or even the title printed on the covers. The covers were artworks itself, covered in drawings, leather or even gold.
  4. The longest sentence ever printed is found in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. It is 823 words long.
  5. Word “Cyberspace” originally came from Neuromancer, written by William Gibson in 1984.
  6. Speaking of unbelievable word origins, the term Yahoo actually comes from Gulliver’s Travels, published in 1726.
  7. Books used to be chained to….

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