15 Amazing Facts

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.27.45 pm

  1. Americans throw away 44 million newspapers a day
  2. Germany borders 9 other countries
  3. Peru has more pyramids than Egypt
  4. Christmas trees originated from Germany
  5. More people die from falling coconuts then from shark attacks
  6. The original design of Monopoly was circular
  7. The Earth is struck by lightning over 100 times every second
  8. Over 2,500 left handed people are killed a year from using right handed products
  9. Gorillas sleep 14 hours a day
  10. The lifespan of a squirrel is 9 years
  11. The stomach acids found in a snakes stomach can digest bones and teeth but not fur or hair
  12. The word ‘racecar’ can be spelled the same way backwards
  13. You burn more calories sleeping than watching television
  14. The word ‘underground’ is the only word that begins and ends with the letters ‘und’
  15. 56% of typing is completed by your left hand

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