Flappy… All! (not flappy bird)

I did a small online course kind of thing (The Hour of Code) and got this Certificate of Completion:


I also kind of reprogrammed/remastered the game ‘Flappy Bird’. I got the above certificate after doing that, by the way.. You can play the game here! Hope you like it!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.26.52 pm


  • Whenever you start, the will be a different scene, different ground and a different player (superman, tinker bell, nemo, etc.)
  • Whenever you pass an obstacle, the same thing happens (the only difference is that the obstacle also changes).
  • You get a point if you go through the obstacle, without touching it.
  • If you touch it, your score resets. Even the slightest touch resets. So, try not to touch it, touching it is a bad idea!
  • If you touch the ground, your flappy thing dies.


You can also make your own on https://code.org/learn.

Don’t forget to share your game in the comments below- just copy and paste the url of your game after you press ‘finish’. I would love to play it!


Credits: CODE


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